We offer Mondadori People a set of resources intended to discuss the Web 2.0 pillars and logics. Please, comment and add freely.

TeD+ Web 2.0 introductive video

“Homo qui erranti comiter monstrat viam,
Quasi lumen de suo lumine accendat, facit.
Nihilo minus ipsi lucet, cum illi accenderit.”
Cicero, de officiis, 1-16

Please, click on this video for a brief seminar introduction




  • Scenarios - Team problem solving and discussion
  • Plenary discussion

Slide Set

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Contents and Technical Development

TeD Plus fecit. MMVII

  • Enrico Bursi
  • Monia Capparelli
  • Andrea Fittarelli
  • Grazia Lacchini
  • Giovanni Lion
  • Fabrizio Montanari
  • Anna Ottino
  • Ferdinando Pennarola
  • Luigi Proserpio
  • Aditya Singh
  • Luca Tironi

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